Bespoke Campaigns for Crowdfunding

Every consumer product needs a financial boost to get off the ground. Crowdfunding platforms have become an extremely popular means of raising money and testing market feasibility of various products. Together with the right technology pr agency, crowdfunding campaigns can have strong impacts on both long-term and short-term business objectives, propelling every company toward its tech PR goals.

The Right Teams Equals Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

ReBlonde’s award-winning service approaches crowdfunding efforts with a holistic view. We believe a crowdfunding campaign has to be complemented by other efforts, all synchronized with precision to produce the desired funding results. With a media relations and content team at our disposal, our crowdfunding campaigns ensure the company message is on point and the right target audience is reached via numerous appropriate channels.

ReBlonde utilizes the Indiegogo and Kickstarter platforms to launch the crowdfunding campaigns, having successfully secured seed funding for a number of clients with unique tech products. Our experience on such platforms brought to life by our award-winning team puts forward a strong campaign at your service around the clock to address all your needs. Each crowdfunding campaign is devised with carefully-calibrated strategy and constant monitoring to ensure results are achieved according to the requested specifications.

Crowdfunding Campaigns For Startups

ReBlonde has worked with successful startups like G-ro, a company that produces top-of-the-line suitcases, and Livia, a company whose technology helps women manage menstrual paints via neurological, vibration technology. Fundraising for these consumer products and many others has given ReBlonde the ample experience to tackle any consumer product crowdfunding project. Work with us to get the crowdfunding you need!


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