Strong and Stable Media Relations

When millions of companies are shouting their story simultaneously at the top of their lungs, even the best of announcements can go unheard. The most crucial part of any public relations campaign is to cut through the noise and get your story published, not simply contribute to noise that’s already out there. The way to do this is by pitching journalists a story that will get published in various media outlets, and reach the right audience. And only the best tech PR firms can achieve those goals.

A Media Relations Agency With The Right Connections

At ReBlonde, we believe in building close relationships and working together with journalists to share with the world a story that is genuinely newsworthy and interesting. We leverage our vast network of connections and close contacts from the world’s leading publications to the most niche journalists writing about your industry to find a suitable outlet for your voice to be heard. Whether you have a blockchain product that can revolutionize the finance industry by blockchain PR or a lifesaving MedTech solution, there are journalists out there who would like to cover it, and we can make the introduction.

Media Relations in PR

Our media relations experts have an exceptional understanding of your company and its technology in order to explain even the most complicated concepts to the media and their readers. ReBlonde’s “secret media relations sauce” is our creative method of telling your story, in a way that stands out in the sea of pitches that reporters receive every day. We are constantly following the news and keeping an eye on what is going on to push forward the best tech PR. Our media associates are at the heart of the media’s discourse to ensure that the most relevant reporters will write your story, publicizing it to the right readership.


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