Key Messaging and Brand Positioning Services

An effective PR strategy begins with the right message. For such messaging to be effective, it must be grounded in the unique truth of your company’s product or service. Yet to bring significant value to these messages requires the utility of two key components—positioning and messaging. It’s the reason why you immediately think of Coca-Cola when someone mentions soda, and the reason why you’d think of a Volvo if we asked you to picture a safe car. It’s your prospect’s initial perception of your product. Messaging focuses on the added value you bring to the table, because that’s the major selling point. Positioning helps shape the messaging to define where your product or service fits in the marketplace and how you want it to be known long-term.

Positioning and Messaging As Part Of Tech PR

At ReBlonde, our tech PR experts invest significant resources into strategizing the most constructive messaging and positioning angles for each client. With ReBlonde, a client’s journey starts with a review of the client’s brand communications strategy, or in the case of a new brand, helping the client define and articulate that strategy. We then craft and refine the most important messaging, which is essential for the selection of the right communications channels and creation of the tactical part of the communications program. Incorporating the PESO model allows us to segment PR efforts into four pillars (paid, earned, shared, owned), enabling us to make sense of and organize the channels in which we are currently investing.

Brand Positioning and Messaging

Our tech PR experts also conduct an editorial and social media audit in order to help deliver the right mix of media outlets for an effective media relations campaign. We review the brand’s market position, insights from market research, and our own perception audits, taking into account external insights including industry trends, disruptive influences, category changes, and competitive moves. Once the highest-value audiences have been distinguished, ReBlonde crafts the most dynamic brand messages to set you apart from your competitors.


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