Public Relations for the Tech Industry

Public relations isn’t only about media glory and connections—it’s about objectives. Brands may enjoy basking in the limelight, but it’s the underlying objectives executives and managers set that matter most at the end of the day. Objectives vary across industries. Some companies are looking for media validation while others are seeking investor relations leads or backlinks for SEO. Whatever it is your company requires, no matter the size of the enterprise or the needs, ReBlonde has you covered.

A PR Agency With The Right Media Relationships

With veteran leadership at the helm and a team of experts that specializes in healthcare, blockchain, and AI, ReBlonde is prepared to tackle any tech PR needs. Our tech PR agency has developed relationships over the years with key media personalities in a number of publications spanning multiple tech sectors, where our clients both past and present have been published. These include TechCrunch, Fortune, Forbes, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, and many more. No matter the challenge, we strategize and work overtime to ensure we deliver the desired results we promise to our clients. The agency executes via a thorough process that hits home exactly as desired.

ReBlonde’s PR Firm’s Tech PR Experts At Your Service

ReBlonde crafts effective brand messaging and target audience in accordance with client needs and pinpoints the required publications prior to initiating an outreach. Outreaches, which include quote opportunities, standard press stories, podcast and TV appearances, and wire releases, use the power of carefully chosen wording, aimed at both explaining complex technology in a communicable manner and bridging a personal, relatable connection. Using a variety of channels to execute the outreach, our tech PR experts ensure that your outreaches are perfectly timed and fine tuned as the media reacts.


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