Social Media Management Services

Since the creation of the first popular social media apps like MySpace or MSN Messenger over 15 years ago, the world has become inundated with platforms designed to connect us to each other regularly. Everyone can know what everyone else is doing on a weekly, if not daily, basis. For a world so vast, we’ve managed to shrink it to close the biggest of geographical gaps between people. And now, businesses everywhere are harnessing this deep interconnectivity to generate discussions in their industry and promote themselves. Social media is the key to the world of direct relationships with customers, both B2B and B2C.

Social Media And Public Relations

From 280 characters on Twitter to 50-word, in-depth analysis posts on Linkedin profiles, social media is critical to growing brand awareness and it goes hand-in-hand with tech PR. Depending on what the brand objectives are, social media channels have the power to instantly spread company messaging to a target audience, a tool that was not so readily available to marketers prior to this millenium. Tech social media campaigns have the luxury of an audience ripe for the taking, because tech served everyone, whether directly or indirectly. The key is to find which ones are for you and maximize your reach through them. And that’s what ReBlonde can do for you.

Social Media Marketing For Startups

Comprising a veteran team of social media experts with experience in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin, we can empower your brand to reach its objectives. From devising strategy to writing posts to distribution across social channels, ReBlonde is there to service your tech startup social media needs and put you on the screens of your most coveted audiences.


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