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ReBlonde - A Technology PR Agency

A Global Tech PR Agency

ReBlonde is a global tech PR agency that provides PR for tech startups and corporations of all sizes. We have the experience needed to place our clients in the hottest tech publications, as well as in the major press outlets. We define and amplify brands through streamlined and targeted media messaging and elevate executive PRofiles through interviews, speaking engagements, and awards. We are determined to achieve what needs to be done for our clients, with passion unlike any other tech PR agency.

ReBlonde for B2B Tech PR Services

In order to get noticed, B2B tech companies are required to put in some extra effort to outshine the competition. As a leading B2B tech PR agency, we realize the need to achieve greater brand recognition across numerous verticals and drive targeted traffic to your website. That is why we strategically structure our technology public relations initiatives using a methodological approach, with the end goals in mind. The idea is to tailor every initiative to the specific needs of the client—that is the way to achieve the best possible results. Not all B2B tech PR is made equal.

PR Agency for Startups

ReBlonde has repeatedly been named one of the best PR firms for tech startups. Yes, there are numerous technology PR firms out there—so what makes ReBlonde stand out as a leading technology PR agency? It’s our relentless pursuit to drive results for our clients. We know the strategic PR tech media placements that would pack the most punch, whether you’re announcing your launch, latest round, or product update.

Many top tech PR firms limit their service to providing the most basic coverage. We are not like those tech PR companies. We understand that when it comes to consumer tech PR, we need to go the extra mile. As such, we assemble our team of seasoned digital PR strategists, media relations veterans, and content creators to balance great positioning with creativity and persuasive pitching. Our efforts secure impactful and meaningful media placements that will help your company make and exceed their goals, whether it’s downloads, signups, or purchases.

Key Media Outlets Startups We Work With Get Covered On

Our Expertise: Technology Public Relations

We have been a technology PR company since 2006, and since then have helped more than 1,000 tech giants and startups such as Spotify, Waze, Microsoft, Bancor, Sirin Labs, Celsius Network, and others share their stories with the world. Because we are one of the most versatile tech public relations firms, ReBlonde has a long track record of successful B2B and B2C tech launches for hardware, software, crowdfunding, apps, and more.

Our Tech PR Services

Our tech PR agency unit is dedicated to serve the specific PR needs of technology companies. We have already worked with dozens of tech companies, including Viber and Brandshield.

Some of Our Tech PR Clients

Our dedicated team is the reason we are often referred to as one of the best tech PR firms. Through our collaborations, we created some of the greatest PR campaigns for B2B companies and tech startups alike.


Our Tech PR teams are ready to start working with you as soon as your timeline dictates. Drop us a line and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.